Animals available for Adoption

Our Adoption Process

Online Adoption Application

Click the button below to fill out our Online Adoption Application which will get your interest in adoption into our database.

Pet Screening with Adoption Counselor

One of our Adoption Counselors will give you a call within 5-10 working days to run through a screening questionnaire as well as answer any questions you may have about the adoption process, or the animal(s) you are interested in.

Meet and Greet

Once you’ve been screened and approved, we’ll arrange a meet and greet with you and the pet, either at the pets foster home or in a neutral setting such as a dog park.  This is where you can start to meet and bond with a pet, and we can broker interactions between your existing pet(s) if there are concerns.

Trial Run

We like to give our applicants a trial run period with their new pet to ensure that the pet fits in well with the household, any existing pets, and to ensure that the pet is doing well in the new environment.  You’ll sign a Trial Run Agreement which states that the pet is still legally, financially, and medically still our responsibility, but that you are taking care of it as if it were your own. 

We maintain constant contact with you during this process via calls/text messages to ensure that everything is going well, the pet is settling in well, and also to arrange any medical trips which may be necessary depending on the pets age.

Final Adoption

Once the Trial Run period is over, we’ll come visit you and sign the final Adoption Agreement, make sure the pet is doing well in your home and there are no issues or concerns, and collect the Adoption fee.  Once that’s done, the pet is yours!  Enjoy your new pet!

If you’ve adopted a dog, don’t forget to go to Animal Control and get your Dog License.  You’ll need a copy of their spay/neuter certificate and their Rabies shot information (obtainable from the vet we list their records are at).